As the homonymous Atoll of the Seychelles archipelago, Aldabra, brand that offers interior and exterior architectural lighting solutions, remains outside the common routes and travels far from the traditional path of the lighting system to create original and alternative fixtures.

Like the Aldabra lagoon, where everything is renewed and galvanized by the tide, the Italian brand is ever-changing, searching new trends and designing original products thanks to its innate drive of renewal.

Design&production completely Made in Italy, Swiss precision make Aldabra and its products a synonymous of quality, innovation and technology with an absolute attention to aesthetics and materials, always at the forefront.

Thanks to its own R & D department, always up to date on industry news, and to a structured “test area”, for a precise verification of lighting performances, Aldabra has developed product lines combining traditional materials such as stainless steel and aluminium with new generation polymerized resins.

From all the lighting systems in the catalogue to the custom-made ones, the final result is always a perfect harmony between aesthetics and a reliable electronic system.

A mix of pure innovation and quality with great attention to energy saving and full respect for nature.